The closing statement of the Mateřinka 2019 jury

The jury of the 25th international Mateřinka festival consist of Simona Chalupová, Kateřina Lešková Dolenská, Vratislav Šrámek, Zdeněk A. Tichý and Tomáš Volkmer.

This jubilee year of the festival is the evidence of a great movement, which was seen in the theatre for children in the last decades, and it is mainly a great achievement made by Mateřinka Festival, which has brought so many impulses and initiative moments to the Czech theatre. This way it started a new line of the work for the youngest which is slightly getting to the minds of the theatrical community and the public. It is clear that it is not necessary to only narrate fairy tales to children but it is possible to float on the waves of pure imagination and communicate with them through pictures and music.

The world, we are part of, is full of sounds and colours in motion. The theatre, which for all of us in the festival - audience or artists - is our world - love, life and dream - it is also full of sounds and colours in motion. Thanks to human invention and our desire to create a magic world of theatre, stage technology has a great potential and it is more accessible. Through this we can transform sounds and colours of the real life into magical formulas of the theatrical impression.

After five days spent with the theatre for children a lot of unanswered questions are floating in the air:

Does a sound have its colour?

Does a colour have its sound?

Does a colour have a motion?

Does a motion have its colour?

Does a sound have its motion?

And does a motion have its sound?

If I don’t have to always see what I hear, definitely I don’t have to hear what I see. They tell us that all that glitters, is not gold. So then all that is proud, is not beauty; all that shines, is not light; all that is loud, is not music. We have films for adults (we musicians say that they are in C major). Do we have music also only for adults?

We tell children that who asks too much, learns too much. However, in the theatre we say: who doesn’t ask, doesn’t learn anything.

We also tell children that curiosity killed the cat. However, in the theatre for children the awakening from illusion to the adulthood is absolutely amazing.

Music is communication. Initiation of our emotions which creates composition of our experiences, architecture of joy and sorrow, colours and sounds in motion. Music can create an emotional picture which thanks to all these qualities doesn’t need any interpreter or target audience.

In Liberec, June 22 2019 Vratislav Šrámek - President of Jury


Awards of Mateřinka "19" Festival


The Special Recognition of Mateřinka 2019:

The Special Recognition to the Berlin duo Melanie Florschütz and Michael Döhnert for original use of elements of absurd theatre in the production for children A Hole in the Air and Everywhere

The Special Recognition to a musical composer Waclaw Zimpel for a sound design in the production The Jungle, Lalek Theatre Wroclaw

The Festival Awards Mateřinka 2019:

Robert Smolík for the set design of the production CHOO. CHOO. WHISTLE. WOOF! The Naive Theatre Liberec

Ivo Sedláček for the audio-music plan of the production Mice Belong in Heaven, Lampion Theatre Kladno

Filip Homola, Adam Kubišta, Marek Sýkora, Antonín Týmal for focused and authentic acting in the production CHOO. CHOO. WHISTLE. WOOF! The Naive Theatre Liberec

Tomáš Procházka and b Theatre for adaptation and new interpretation of a classical fairytale in the production Little iOtík, b Theatre, Prague

Kamil Bělohlávek and Filip Homola for artistic concept of the production Yellow - Blue - Green, The Naive Theatre Liberec

Richard Fiala and Pavol Smolárik for a civil acting and stage harmony in the production Moment! Damúza Studio, Prague

Vít Peřina for an author contribution and dramaturgical concept in the production of CHOO. CHOO. WHISTLE. WOOF! The Naïve Theatre Liberec

Eva Burešová for acting in the production Mice Belong in Heaven, Lampion Theatre Kladno

Karl van Ransbeeck for the belief in the magic of baroque music which communicates with little children in his production Curiosa, De Spiegel Theatre, Antwerp, Belgium

Michaela Homolová for author contributions and direction of the production CHOO. CHOO. WHISTLE. WOOF! The Naive Theatre Liberec